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Carpet Store in Westminster, MD

Soft, comfortable, and extremely eclectic, carpeting is a welcome addition to a wide range of commercial and residential settings. With hundreds of new carpeting products being introduced on the regular, this soft-surface sensation offers up endless options. At Mercer Carpet One Floor & Home of Westminster, Maryland, we’re proud to be your top carpeting destination and can help you make sense of all the different options. 


Serving the needs of greater Carroll County, Mercer Carpet One offers up a wide range of carpet brands, including products made by Oath by Resista, LEES, and Tigressá. Are you looking towards carpet for your upcoming renovation? Learn more below about buying a new carpet, or start shopping our carpet selection now.


What are the Different Types of Carpeting?


Carpet fibers aren’t all alike, so we strongly recommend gaining a good working knowledge of the different types of pile before you start browsing carpeting. Your carpet pile can be either synthetic in origin, or naturally-derived. Wool is the most common type of natural pile. Wool carpeting is prized for its endurance, softness, and ability to resist moisture and mildew. Synthetic carpeting options include nylon, olefin, and polyester. Synthetic carpets tend to be more affordable, and many are engineered for ultra-resilience and stain-resistance. Both fiber families can be used within carpets of various construction types, including level loop, frieze, patterned, textured, and plush.


Carpet Fiber Types


Nylon carpeting is very soft and durable. It’s prized for its strength and tear-resistance. While it’s not inherently stain-resistant, nylon carpets are often treated to eliminate this issue. While it’s one of the pricier synthetics, it also can outlast many other carpet varieties.


Polyester fibers look and feel a lot like nylon, but are more affordable. Initially introduced in the 1960s, polyester carpets have improved dramatically since, and today’s polyester offerings are a lot more durable and soft. Polyester is also natural stain-resistant when it comes to non oil-based spills.


Triexta is a newer fiber that has quickly become a competitor to nylon. It has similar tear and wear-resistance, and it also has the same stain-fighting properties as polyester.


Olefin/polypropylene carpeting is luxuriously soft and velvety. This Italian import boasts superior fade-resistance, making it a good choice for sunny rooms. Olefin is more wear-resistant than other synthetics, so avoid it in high-traffic areas.


Wool carpeting is woven using sustainable, naturally renewable fibers. Wool pile can be pricey, but many feel the investment is worthwhile as this carpeting is hypoallergenic, extremely durable, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. It’s curly structure makes it crush-resistant, and wool is also flame-resistant.


Stain-Resistant Carpet Options


Our daily lives can be quite an adventure, especially as we spend more hours at home. Add a couple of kids and a puppy into the mix, and you’re soon faced with particular challenges. Stain-resistant carpeting is an attractive solution. Made to manage even the toughest stains, these resilient carpets never hold back on comfort and style. There are now hundreds of stain-resistant carpeting options to choose from, representing all of your favorite colors, textures, and patterns. Since each carpet fiber is individually coated with a proprietary stain repellent, even the most stubborn types of stains are stopped in their tracks. Simply blot away spills using a clean towel and plain water and resume your day without concern.


Where Can Carpeting Be Installed?


While we don’t recommend carpeting your kitchen or bathroom, soft-surface flooring can easily be enjoyed throughout the remainder of your home. Choose a dense and resilient synthetic rug that’s equipped with stain and moisture-fighting technologies for homes with pets or little kids. If your main objective is luxury and rich textures, a velvety plush carpet can be a stunning asset in a master bedroom suite, or in a formal living room. Not sure where to begin? Our carpeting experts can help steer you towards the smartest options.


How to Prevent Carpet Fading


No matter the type of flooring you choose to install, if that floor is exposed to sunlight for most of the day, it is at risk for fading. Unfortunately, many homeowners are simply not aware of the ability of sunlight exposure to fade the color of carpeting. We offer carpet brands that have built-in stain and fade resistance such as our exclusive brand Relax, it’s… Lees® which features a 25-year no-exclusions warranty, as well as Karastan carpets.



The first step in preventing carpet fading is reducing the amount of light your carpet is exposed to. The simplest way to reduce sunlight exposure is to keep the curtains or blinds of your windows closed during the day. For some homeowners, this is an easy step. For others, it may not be feasible or they just enjoy more natural light in their room. If you don't want to give up natural lighting entirely, you should have window treatments installed in your home. Window treatments such as shades can diffuse the light in your room and also block harmful UV rays which are the cause of carpet fading. Shades also add a touch of style and can match your home décor.


Our Carpet Selection


Mercer Carpet One Floor & Home is a card-carrying member of the world’s largest independent flooring cooperative. We look forward to serving you with our incredible purchasing power, great value, and friendly services, so when it’s time for a new carpet, let us be your first and final stop! To learn more about our carpeting brands and the latest carpet trends, please visit us soon at 26 West Main Street in Westminster, MD.



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